Electronics Operated By Batteries

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Many devices that are in a current use in the world require batteries. How do you think the wireless doorbell can produce charming melodies or a cam car recorder film what is happening on the road? All of this is possible thanks to the batteries. The batteries were developed by decades by engineers in order to elongate their lifetime, increase their durability and capacity, and provide a universal power source for many devices. Batteries have become a great part of our life and we can’t imagine humanity without them. Let us look at some devices that require batteries in order to fully operate.

To start off, the majority of electronic devices are now using the most promising battery chemistry which is Lithium-Ion batteries. Those include smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric bikes, and electric razors. In terms of smartphones, Li-ion batteries do not provide the capacity large enough to support the energy-demanding features of a smartphone for long periods of time. That is being said, we should think about new ways of supplying our smartphone with energy, or simply just put the bigger batteries in them which can result in gigantic phones. On the other hand, for some small devices, such as a wireless doorbell, fitness tracker or portable dehumidifier, the Li-ion battery is much better solution than other types of batteries thanks to its low maintenance, high energy density and the potential for their increase.

Another commonly used type of battery is a lead acid battery. Those batteries are generally used in automobiles and as storage of solar energy. They are valued for their low cost and that is why they are commonly being used in big-scale electronics: backup power supplies, grid energy storage off-grid household electric power systems. However, miner cap lights are all powered by the lead acid battery.

The third type of rechargeable battery that is used in electronics is Nickel-Metal hydride batteries. They are in value because they offer the energy density that is close to Li-ion. This type of battery is commonly available in AA size. For many years they have served as an energy supplier for video cameras and other recording equipment, emergency medical equipment and radios. However, limited life and poor loading capacity have made this battery a poor option.

The industry that is booming right now and is powered by batteries is the Smart Home Industry. It offers a lot of new devices that will allow you to control different parts of your home and even add interactivity and fun! Let’s take a look at the Phillips Hue. This is a nice lighting kit that allows you to transform your house by turning everyday lightning into an extraordinary experience. Thanks to the hub that is powered by the Li-ion battery, you can change the color or sync them with music or TV using just your smartphone. Other devices in Smart home sections that use batteries include smart cameras that recognize your facial features and not allow certain people to access specific areas of your house. The most interesting gadget that you should check out is certainly Amazon Echo with its ability to serve as a 360 degrees audio speaker, able to play music from Amazon Prime, Spotify and Pandora; recognize your voice and answer your questions using Alexa voice service just as Siri or Google Now does, and serves as the universal hub for all of your other Smart Home devices such as WeMo, Philips Hue, Hive, Netatmo, tado° and others.

Absolutely, the batteries support the life of all of our devices and it is hard to underestimate their life. However, without modifying their capacity and durability, people will be stuck with the progress that they have achieved. So many things are affected by batteries and we got to research more on the topic of batteries.


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